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At The Core of JC Worldwide Franchisee Inc. is a Vission to Uplift the Quality of Life Of the Pilipino people through micro business. The Company Endeavors to Inspire All Filipinos To Have an Entrepeneurial Spirits as a means to Achieved Economic Growth for Our Country. In line with This VISSION, the company intends to be the Leading Provider of Affortable and Profitable Franchises in The Country and to Eventually become a Global.
Guide by our VISSION JCworldwide Franchise Inc.seeks to Promote Micro-interpreneurship trough active Participation in Various Business-Oriented Program And Through Its own Marketing Strategy. Along with This Leadership is The Commitment to See our Customers Through to Success.
It is the Company's Objective to not only care For our Franchisees but Also our End Consumers. Hence, We provide a Variety of PRODUCTS noted for its Quality as Well as its Great Taste, In this Time of Narrowing Consumer Spending Power, Value of Money is what we Aimto Provide to the Filipino people. It is the Company Goal to Broaden the reach of each Services to Areas and People who Need it Most, As if Gains a Strong Foothold in the Food Stall FRANCHISING Indusrty. Ultimately, JC WORLDWIDE Franchise Inc. aims to enrich the Lives of Filipino Families by Providing them Means to a Secure and Stable Future......

Saturday, September 2, 2017

➡KPADS..... First anti-dysmenorrhea napkin that has "Anion strip". Featured in Jessica Sojo, Rated K and CNN. ➡What is Anion? It can prevent or heal many diseases like: ✔UTI ✔Irregular/delayed periods ✔Abnormal bleeding ✔Myoma ✔Cervical/Ovarian Cancer ✔Vaginal Odor ✔Irritation 8 layered napkin 5x super absorbent Can absorb up to 150mL of liquid (1 pad can last a whole day depends on how heavy your period is) ✔FDA approved Each pack of our Kpads merong FREE Vagina Health SELF TEST CARD where you can detect if you have vaginitis or infection. Kpads FREE lang po ito. Mag Kpads kana! :-) For orders and inquiry📞09154653702

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